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What do you mean by the term ‘coated paper’?

A wide variety of papers have undergone coating to increase their degrees of gloss, ink holdout, brightness, and smoothness. Enamel papers are high-gloss papers with high bulk and opacity; they are ideal for offset printing. The basic size of enamel papers is 25 x 38. It comes in basis weights of 60,70,80 and 100-pound.

Matte coated papers are low gloss, glare-free papers that also offer many of the printing advantages of enamel papers. Their basic size is also 25 x 38; they come in basis weights of 30 and 40-pound.

Lightweight coated papers are used primarily for magazines, catalogs, and newspaper inserts. Their size is also 25 x 38 and they come in basis weights of 30 and 40-pound.

Please note that the explanations for the preceeding 2 questions were supplied from our friends at http://printwiki.org.

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