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The cosmetics buyer is not your typical consumer. They face thousands of items to choose from which to choose, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate your brand. We can help.

Luxurious labels that pamper cosmetics buyers

In order for the consumer to believe that your product will make them look and feel better, you'll need a great-looking label to communicate that promise!

At Western Shield, we’re experts at maximizing shelf appeal and consumer “mind share” of products. A custom printed cosmetic label with the right combination of gloss, clarity, texture, durability, and color influence will go a long way towards making sure your products 'jump off the shelf' in a retail environment. But the retail shelf is not our only concern. We also look at your application to make sure your cosmetic package design meets the demands of production equipment, shipping trauma, and usage requirements of the cosmetics consumer well beyond the checkout counter.

Our selection of hip and earthy cosmetics labels will have today’s customers filling up their shopping baskets with your products:Make your cosmetics the ‘must-haves’ consumers simply can’t resist. It’s easy. Request a cosmetic labels sample kit to get your next project underway.

Here's a few of the trends we're seeing today:
  • No Label Look (Clear Label)

    No Label Look

    Film labels can be used for a variety of applications, particularly those with exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, sunlight, or that generally require a durable material. Films are available in clear, white, pearlescent, metallized, rigid, squeezable, conformable, and many other variations.

  • Screen Printing to Add Texture

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is often used on labels for cosmetics and HABA applications. This printing method is capable of applying a very thick layer of ink, which creates a durable, raised image. This “relief” supplies the tactile feel desirable to many marketers. In addition, unlike other printing methods, lighter colors can be successfully printed over darker images. Finally, the screen method can print a good opaque white image, a difficult task for other technologies.

  • Metallic, Matte & Muted Look

    Metallized Films

    Metallized papers, metallized films & foils are the perfect pallette to create eye-catching graphics that will jump off the shelves. These durable materials create a mirror like effect, typically in silver or gold, presenting a strong, clean image. Because of their durability, they are also found in applications that require resistance to scuffing, abrasion, sunlight, and moisture.

  • Smaller Personal Care Packages (for ‘on-the-go’ consumers)
  • Color Palettes: Reds, Purples and Oranges (backed up by gold)
  • Private Label Cosmetic Branding
  • Hot & Cold Foil Stamping
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