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You’ve gone a long way to come up with a food product that consumers will savor. Don’t stop short when it comes to the label! At Western Shield, we’ve been developing high-quality food labels since 1970. For more than four decades, we’ve helped our customers create great looking labels with strong visual appeal to help both well-established and new food brands drive sales.

Strike the right balance of visual appeal and informational content

Food labels are unique in that they must convey branding and grab the consumers’ attention, while also providing important information about the contents and potential uses of the product. That’s why you spend so much time designing a label that’s both informative and aesthetically pleasing. That’s where we come in. We take your artwork and translate it into a beautifully printed label.

Here are a few of the food label challenges we tackle every day:
  • Cold temperature adhesive and moisture resistant facestocks for frozen food packaging
  • Flexible packaging that prevents ingredient migration and promotes dry food shelf life
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The thing that stands out about working with Western Shield and Gary is the service.  It’s phenomenal.  Gary makes us…

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