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Health and Beauty Aids

Health and beauty aid products are all about looking and feeling great. If a product doesn’t look or feel good from the moment a shopper picks it up, how can the bottle’s contents be trusted to deliver ‘feel great’ promises at home?

Upscale labels create brand experience, command higher margins, and drive shelf traffic.

With access to the most popular label materials, varnishes, and overlaminates on the market, Western Shield offers an array of looks and feels to give health and beauty products that extra something special: clear-on-clear, soft-touch, matte finish, satin, and no label looks.

Click here to request a sample. Once you touch and see our custom creations, we’re confident you'll feel comfortable trusting Western Shield with your next health and beauty aid project.

Here's a few of the trends we're seeing:
  • No Label Look (Clear Labels)

    No Label Look

    Film labels can be used for a variety of applications, particularly those with exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, sunlight, or that generally require a durable material. Films are available in clear, white, pearlescent, metallized, rigid, squeezable, conformable, and many other variations.

  • Screen Printing to Add Texture

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is often used on labels for cosmetics and HABA applications. This printing method is capable of applying a very thick layer of ink, which creates a durable, raised image. This “relief” supplies the tactile feel desirable to many marketers. In addition, unlike other printing methods, lighter colors can be successfully printed over darker images. Finally, the screen method can print a good opaque white image, a difficult task for other technologies.

  • Metallized & Holographic Films

    Metallized Films

    Metallized papers, metallized films & foils are the perfect pallette to create eye-catching graphics that will jump off the shelves. These durable materials create a mirror like effect, typically in silver or gold, presenting a strong, clean image. Because of their durability, they are also found in applications that require resistance to scuffing, abrasion, sunlight, and moisture.

  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Smaller Personal Care Packages
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Case Study Tulkoff Food Products

Tulkoff Food Products

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“We decided that an expanded content label (ECL) would work best for us since we had a lot of information that we wanted to communicate. So we called around, spoke to several printers, and kept getting the same answer: ‘Sorry, but we can’t design an ECL to fit the shape of the bottle’. By the…

Kenny Ridgeway, NutriBiotic