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Demand for Nutraceuticals has been growing exponentially for years. With this growth, it’s not surprising that the market has become very competitive. One of the best ways to stand out from your competition is with a product label that’s informative, intelligent, and easy-on-the-eyes.

Western Shield Understands the Market

At Western Shield, we’ve worked closely with nutraceutical companies for many years. Our team is highly skilled and understands the intricacies of competing in this market. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we offer solutions that will maximize your print space while making certain the print quality is second to none.

We know that in this market, there’s a lot of information that you need to convey to the consumer. The trick is to provide all the necessary information while staying consistent with your corporate branding and advertising programs. Sound complicated? No need to worry. At Western Shield, we’re experts when it comes to meeting these kinds of labeling requirements. Given the medical nature of many Nutraceutical products, consumers often scrutinize the labels before making a purchase decision. It’s important, therefore, to strike a balance between providing required/useful information and having an aesthetically pleasing label that sells a brand.

Some popular ideas for Nutraceutical labels
  • Booklet Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Metallized & Holographic Films

    Metallized Films

    Metallized papers, metallized films & foils are the perfect pallette to create eye-catching graphics that will jump off the shelves. These durable materials create a mirror like effect, typically in silver or gold, presenting a strong, clean image. Because of their durability, they are also found in applications that require resistance to scuffing, abrasion, sunlight, and moisture.

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Excellent Service!