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Pouches and Flexible Packaging

Even though the word ‘label’ is right in our company name, that’s not all we do. Western Shield also offers a wide variety of printable pouches and small-format flexible packaging for dry goods, paper products, liquids, lotions, gels, and food products.

Added Convenience for the Consumer

From the consumer’s perspective, pouches are often the most convenient form of packaging. They're typically light, easily transportable, and are great to use as promotional tools.

Climate Control

The materials we use provide a range of barrier properties. Moisture barriers keep your dry products dry and keep your wet products moist. Oxygen barriers prevent spoilage and extend product shelf life.

Your Choice of Materials

Pouch materials are available with different looks and finishes, including clear, white, silver, gloss, and matte.


Pouches are Aesthetically Pleasing and Multi Functional

Western Shield’s wide-selection of pouches and flexible packaging works with all kinds of products.

At Western Shield, we’re experts at printing on many different types of flexible packaging material. Our resident pouch experts love tackling the tricky scenarios and will walk you through the difficult applications. Crafting high-quality packaging for decades now, we’ve perfected printing on professional grade pouch materials and offer an array of stylish looks and finishes including clear, white, silver, gloss, and matte. Solutions are also available for travel and convenience size packaging.

Our multi-layered pouches protect products against the elements. Moisture barriers keep dry products dry, and wet products moist. And thanks to our oxygen barrier technology, Western Shield pouches help save money by preventing spoilage and extending product shelf life.

Whether you need laminated pouches or process printed foil pouches, Western Shield will print, slit and roll your samples. Your production facility will simply need to fill and finish the package. It’s that simple. Contact Us to find out just how easy working with Western Shield really is.

Common Applications for Pouches and Flexible Packaging:
  • Dry Cereals
  • Ready-To-Mix Drinks & Shakes
  • Powdered Nutritional Supplements
  • Pet Foods & Pet Snacks
  • Soup Mixes
  • Spices and Food Additives
  • Sunscreens & Lotions
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • Medicinal Pads
  • Cosmetic Gels & Pastes
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“Working with Western Shield was an absolute pleasure. The Instant Redeemable Coupons we ordered from them came out great!”

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