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Now more than ever, consumers are always looking for that little bit of extra value with each of their purchases. A Western Shield recipe insert gives you the opportunity to provide that value by including a tasty recipe for your product right in the packaging.

A Value-Added Packaging Element that Delivers Real Benefit to the Consumer

Western Shield offers a line of custom recipe-inserts, non-pressure sensitive promo cards placed directly on fish and meat, to help manufactures with a unique way of providing customers with recipes and other types of marketing communication. The material is FDA approved and completely safe for direct contact with food. Made to last, these branded pieces continue looking great years down the road and will provide your customers with an ongoing reminder of how much they enjoyed your product!

With a soft-finish, including rounded corners, these bendable inserts conform to meat products inside the packaging. That means no hard edges poking through. And the laminated finish guarantees ink won’t bleed or smear when it comes into contact with damp foods. What’s more, recipe inserts don’t have to be tossed out with dirty plastic wrapping upon opening. As a ‘stand-alone’ item, these branded cards can easily be put on refrigerators or in household drawers.

Give your customers a value-added item they’ll appreciate. Contact us today to learn more about tailored recipe inserts at (866) 975-2235 or info@westernshield.com. We’ll help you deliver that extra little bonus.


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